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Advance Praise for Snooze... or Lose!
'In this witty, highly readable guide, Helene Emsellem cuts through the many myths and misconceptions about teen sleep needs and habits. Her own observations as a sleep doctor and mother, as well as the voices of teenagers themselves, make this a real-world roadmap to better sleep. This book should serve as a wake-up call for parents, teachers, and school administrators, prompting bold action to reverse a silent but insidious epidemic of teen sleep deprivation.'
--Sandy Evans and Phyllis Payne, MPH, Co-Founders, SLEEP (Start Later for Excellence in Education Proposal)

'With cutting-edge scientific explanations, [Dr. Emsellem] demystifies the huge problem of why our teenagers are chronically sleep deprived and yet unable to sleep at the right times.  This is a 'must read' book for both parents and teenagers and can take the struggle out that daily sleep battle.'
 --Henrietta L. Leonard, M.S., M.D., Professor of Psychiatry and Human Behavior, Brown University School of Medicine Director of Training, Child and Adolescent Psychiatry, Brown University School of Medicine

'Helene Emsellem's book is a practical guide for both teens and parents on a health situation that is reaching epidemic proportions.'
--Meir Kryger, M.D., author of A Woman's Guide to Sleep Disorders

'[Snooze. . . or Lose!] very clearly and with the help of humor and examples explains the nature and importance of sleep, what can go wrong, and how address the problem of inadequate sleep.  [Dr. Emsellem] offers practical and realistic strategies (with the help of her teenage daughter Alyssa) for recognizing and addressing the problem. Examples of the way parents have successfully changed very early high school starting times will be useful to those who a want to try to address this in their own communities.'
-- Deborah G. Hirtz, M.D., Pediatric Neurologist

'Dr. Emsellem has really nailed it for all teens and their parents! Snooze or Lose is a charming, factual and highly readable book that EVERY parent should read and share with their teen. It offers science, sensibilty and help with clear cut methods to balance the day/night activities which steal our energy and time. A great gift for your teenager.'
--Joyce, A. Walsleben, RN, Ph.D., Associate Professor of Medicine (Research) at New York University School of Medicine, author of A Woman's Guide to Sleep: Guaranteed Solutions for a Good Night's Sleep

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