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SECTION: REVIEWS; Science and Technology; Pg. 168

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HEADLINE: Snooze...or Lose!: 10 "No-War" Ways To Improve Your Teen's Sleep Habits

BYLINE: Sarah Boslaugh


Emsellem, Helene A., M.D., with Carol Whiteley. Snooze...or Lose!: 10 "No-War" Ways To Improve Your Teen's Sleep Habits. Joseph Henry: National Academy . Sept. 2006. c.256p. illus. index. ISBN 0-309-10189-1 . $24.95. HEALTH

Many American teenagers aren't getting enough sleep. Sleep deprivation may contribute to many behaviors otherwise ascribed to teenage "growing pains," such as moodiness, inattention in class, and abuse of alcohol and mood-altering drugs. In Snooze , Emsellem (medical director, Ctr. for Sleep and Wake Disorders, MD) reviews the scientific evidence regarding sleep, provides several methods to evaluate sleep deprivation, and offers several practical suggestions to help teenagers take up more healthful sleep habits, from changing their daily routines to lobbying for later school start times. There are several similar books on the market addressing this issue, but Emsellem's book differs from its closest competitors by emphasizing practical methods to improve teens' sleep habits, relying in part on input from the author's teenage daughter and her daughter's friends.-Sarah Boslaugh, Washington Univ. Sch. of Medicine, St. Louis


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